ENONAC carries out its mission through following committees and meetings of the ENONAC leadership with the city and other organizations responsible for recovering and rebuilding East New Orleans. Each committee is headed by a Chairperson and Co-Chair which maintains and implements tasks as defined in the committee's action plan. Committees also provide development opportunities for members engaged in leadership training. Residents and stakeholders with an interest in working on a committee are encouraged to contact the ENONAC office for additional information about the committee and participation.




'Uniting and strengthening New Orleans East neighborhoods'

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Sylvia Scineaux-Richard

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The work of ENONAC is done by committees in collaboration with ENONAC leadership, the city and other organizations focused on re- building Eastern New Orleans.
Commission Advisory Board
ENONAC is goverened by an Executive Board comprised of seven residents of the  community..
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 Economic Development
Despite the fact that 64,000 people live in New Orleans East- the 7th largest community in Louisiana in population- the area still lacks in basic retail, community services and economic investment.  New Orleans East experienced significant jobs loss since Katrina, but is still the center of the city’s industrial base, growing advanced manufacturing operations, logistics and technology employment at the NASA Michaud facility.  The ENONAC committee will partner with key public and private entities to focus on cleaning up the major commercial corridors and large scale development sites in New Orleans East, ridding it of the physical and visual blight that is a major deterrent to further development in the East and for the City of New Orleans.  The ENONAC committee will   also collaborate with Fast Forward Restart and other organizations to develop a system of support and coaching for entrepreneurs and small business in New Orleans East to drive innovation and economic growth.   A third major priority of ENONAC’s Economic Development Committee is to galvanize community leadership around high impact community development projects, including Lincoln Beach Cultural District, that enhances the sustainability and quality of life of New Orleans East

 Medical and Health Care Services
Medical and Health Care Services - ENONAC members represent the health service consuming population of New Orleans East. The re-opening of the hospital and the addition of health and medical services is of the highest priority to residents. This committee is committed to work with the City Administration and other community organizations to support the reopening of the hospital and bridge the gap between the Administration and residents through effective communications and an assessment of community expectations and interest for service. One of the FFR’s coach/trainers has broad experience in strategic planning for hospitals and will advise the Committee.

 Housing, Land Use and Zoning (HLUZ)
The Land Use, Zoning and Housing Committee is to aid the community in managing the inevitable growth of Eastern New Orleans, and to assist residents in having a collective voice for communication with City Council, City Planning Commission and developers, to insure that building codes, zoning codes, land use regulations and design standards are enforced, while serving the goal of sustaining an increase of property values and preserving the quality of life of the New Orleans East Community.

 Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS)
The Parks Recreation and Open Space committee is dedicated to taking a leadership role in Eastern New Orleans by promoting the development of state of the art parks and encourage unmatched cultural, entertainment and recreational opportunities. PROS are serving as a conduit between the Governmental Agencies and the community confirming that the Visions and Goals of the City’s Master Plan are fulfilled. We address the local needs by supporting a greater role in ensuring that open space, parkland and recreation opportunities effectively meet and serve the needs of the City’s constituents, the citizens of Eastern New Orleans, and those who interact with the parks system. 

 Public Safety (Crime)


 Quality of Life

 Grants and Funding

 Environmental Quality

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